All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Greetings on this Wednesday afternoon!  I trust all is well with you and yours! 

FYI I keep all of your email address in file folders within Outlook of about 20 emails addresses each.  I do this because then I can send out 3 file folders of email which is about 60 emails and normally it is not considered spam.  I have file folder A – P which represents about 320 files of all members, winter residents, family and friends.  I attempt to send at least one email each week to all of these people.  Today while updating one of the “folders” with a new email address I accidentally deleted the file.  So I am kindly asking your patience.  If you get and email from me and you have requested to have your name removed from our list please let me know again.  I had to go back to an old file and I cannot keep track of everyone who has been requested to be deleted.  If you no longer want to receive our updates, announcement, Trinity Monthly Tidings, and weekly sermons, please email me as well and I will make every effort to remove you from my email list.   Needless to say with over 300 emails I am challenged at times keeping all of them straight, please be patient with me. 

Last evening we had the “Meet and Greet” for our local Author Mrs. Terry Jackson.  We had about 40 adults and children present and was very successful all the way around.  We started with pizza and beverages in the Trinity Life Center and then came back up to the sanctuary for read of the book and then the purchase and signing.  Thank you to many of you who helped to set up, clean up and host this event.  We are trying to bring different things to the church and utilize our facilities as a way of perhaps introducing new people to our congregational family!  But we can’t keep doing this if you do not support such endeavors and bring your friends.  So thank you for inviting friends and being part of our family here at Trinity. 

For those of you who may not have heard.  I announced several months ago that our mural is I believe the only mural in town with a narration.  Mr. Ken Keller recorded a narration of the mural and the motion sensitive speaker has recently been installed and is working almost too well as it is very sensitive.  So now you can bring your friends and hear the narrative while relaxing on the park benches and enjoy the beauty of the mural. 

Tomorrow I will be attending the Heartland Circuit monthly meeting.  This month it is to be held at Faith in Sebring.  We will be having a devotional, studying a topic and working on the final plans for the Reformation Festival.  This year the festival will be held at Peace Lutheran Church, Okeechobee on October 27th, 2019 at 4:00PM with a traditional German dinner following.  The guest speaker this year will be Vice-President Rev. Jon Zehnder from Fort Myers.  Please make plans to attend as you presence helps us determine if we are going to endeavor to do this in the future.  Thank you! 

2:00PM Friday                Crafts with Linda and Julie Trinity Life Center

8:30AM Sunday              Bible Study The Book of Revelation

9:15AM Sunday              Coffee and Goodies Fellowship back of the sanctuary. 

10:00AM Sunday            Worship Final Sermon in the Lord’s Prayer series “The Conclusion.”

6:00PM Monday              Church Council Meeting 

Have a great remainder of your week. 

Pastor Norris