All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

            Greetings on this Tuesday afternoon/evening!  It is amazing what we can do when we all pull together for a common goal.  To think that amidst monsoon style rains, we were able to raise $520.00 to send to the relief effort of the FL/GA District for the Bahama’s.  It was such a blessing to see everyone coming together to work hard to make this a reality and bring it to completion.  This is what it takes to move forward with a project.  I like all the hard work and cooperation that went into the completion of the Trinity Life Center.  We can do things when we set our minds to it regardless of our size. 

            I know that I am opening up a subject that always get a good deal of attention this time of year.  It is that time of the year when I set up the Prayer Partners, the Readers and the Elders for the up coming year that begins December 1st with the First Sunday in Advent.  So I need to know what and where any or all of you are willing to serve and when you will be available.  Please take note of the following.  I do not know a better way to do this.  So please let me know. 

If you have not been a reader before and would like to read the lessons please reply to this email with the months or dates you are available.

If you have been reader before and are willing to read the lessons again please reply to this email with the months or dates you will be available.

If you have not been a “prayer partner” before but are willing to pray with Pastor (s) before service please reply to this email with months or dates you are available. 

If you have been a “prayer partner” before and have prayed with Pastor (s) before the service please reply two this email with month or dates you are available. 

Male Elders I need to know who is willing to assist me on the altar distributing Holy Communion on Sundays and special worship services.  Please reply to this email and tell me if you are willing and possible dates you would NOT be available to assist. 

I would appreciate a prompt response to these requests so I can get the process started this week.  It takes several days of concentration to accomplish this task. 


This Friday and Next Friday at 2:00PM Crafts with Linda and Julie in the Trinity Life Center!  For most of the Fridays in November they will be filling the shoe boxes with that will be sent off.  Please consider coming and helping them with this project for those less fortunate. 

This Sunday is Reformation Sunday!  We observe and celebrate the 502 Anniversary of the first day of the Reformation Era.  My sermon for Sunday deviates from our series on the Catechism to look at the Reformation Battle Hymn and Psalm 100!  This would be a great Sunday to invite your friends to come and worship with us.

We will get the Sunday morning activities off and running at 8:30AM sharp as we continue our study on the Book of Revelation.

There is a coffee and goodies fellowship time starting at 9:15AM.

Worship begins at 10:00AM. 


Sunday            3:30PM           Reformation  Festival, Peace Lutheran Church, Okeechobee, Florida. 

Rev. Jon Zehnder Vice President of the FL/GA District will be our guest preachers from St. Michael Lutheran Church, Ft. Myers!  I have to say that I am a little disappointed in the number of people who have indicated their willingness to attend this Circuit Wide Event.  Please see if you can car pool with someone and come on over to Okeechobee for a great time of worship and fellowship!  We as Pastor’s put these special events together for you the people of our circuit!  I hope you come to join us for worship and dinner. 

Oct. 28th          Monday          10:00AM         Elder’s Meeting         Trinity Life Center

Thanksgiving Dinner at Trinity?  There will be a Thanksgiving Dinner at Trinity on November 28th, 2019 at Noon.  Sign up sheet outside Church office.  Here is a great way to invite a friend who may be along for Thanksgiving to come with you for a great meal.  This is the first time we are trying this.  It is a great idea for all our Seniors who are alone for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  It is our first time!  It is something NEW and DIFFERENT why not try it out?  Nothing ventured nothing gained! 

There is a trip planned to the Holy Land in Orlando for their Christmas Celebration on Thursday December 5th, 2019.  $50 per person for Park Entry Ticket and Bus Ride.   There is a sign-up sheet outside the Church office. 

Just so you can start planning for Advent Services.  Services will be held at 4:00PM on 12/4; 12/11; 12/18. 

                        Christmas Eve Festival Candlelight Service will be held 12/24 at 7:00PM.

                        Christmas Day with Holy Communion 12/25 at 10:00AM. 

NOW FOR SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT!  (Tasty and fun too!)  Date to be announced!!!!

Do you have a favorite Crock Pot Recipe?  Is it good?  Do you want to share it?  How about entering into the First Trinity Lutheran Church Crock Pot Cook Off.  There will be 4 Categories;

            Soup –             Do you make a favorite soup in the crock pot? Enter it and see what other might say! 

            Appetizer-       Do you make a favorite appetizer in the crock pot?  Something other than soup!  Enter and see what happens!

            Main Course-  Do you make a favorite main course in the crock pot? Why not share it?  Share you talent. 

            Desert-            Do you make a favorite desert in the crock pot?  Yummy, Yummy in our Tummy!


We would love to have at least 4 entries for each category. 

Anyone can enter Member, Associate Member, Winter Resident, Friend!  You can have entries in more than just one category. 

            Your entry will be judged in a blind tasting and ranked by each person attending! 

Everyone attending will pay $5.00 tasting cups, plates and a judging page.

Each entry should have the recipe available for those attending to take home.  (Copies can be made at church)

Each category will have one overall winner judged by those attending! 

Watch for further announcements as we move closer to the date of this Funderful Event!

Have a great week! 

Pastor Norris