Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  In a little over 4 hours we raised over $400.00 for this Family in need!  I cannot express to you have grateful we are for your generousity!  Deb LeMay is enabled to contact Care Portal and indicate that we will provide the needed funds for the family.  Thank you so much!


To give you a heads up for Sunday.  Debbie Gore has been out with no voice the past three days.  So Susan stepped in and did the best she could with what she had to work with so the Trinity Tidings will not have the people noted as assisting as it should.  But this was simply because we were in a pinch.  So please do not feel that you are being slighted if your name is not in the bulletin where it should have been.  Hopefully Debbie will be back next week.

One more thing!  We are going to really limit to absolutely needed announcements at the end of the service.  Get your information in for the Weekly Tidings or get a special announcement to me by Friday to be included in th Power Point Announcements prior to the service.  We do not need to review or announcement everything that has been previously relayed to the people in some way.  So we are going to limit announements.  Greetings, recognition of visitors and last minute special announcements only!!!

If things are regularly scheduled there is no need to constantly be repeated each week.