All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Greetings on this Thursday afternoon!  I am afraid that there has been a change of plans.  Rev. Olckers will not be preaching this week.  Rev. Olckers was bitten by an insect or scorpion or something on Monday having and extreme allergic reaction as a result.  He spent the better part of Monday and Monday night to Tuesday morning in the ICU at the Hospital.  He has not felt well all week and we determined it would be better if I just continued with my series on “Dangerous Prayers” and he will come some other time to preach again. 

          So we will continue our video on the influence of the Reformation on the Amish for our Adult Bible Discussion Hour at 8:30AM Sunday.

          Our worship begins at 10:00AM and I plan on seeing you there! 

Respectfully In Christ,

Pastor Norris