All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Greetings on this Tuesday afternoon!  The Bahamas have experienced catastrophic loss and damage.  The Bahamas are an independent nation that is dependent on tourism for their economy.  Be mindful that there are already scams being run on behalf of the Islands.  Give to reliable agencies.  I am sure that once the FL/GA District Staff return to the office on Thursday we will get updates and how we can help our churches there on the Islands. 

          Hurricane Dorian is now slowly moving up off the coast of Florida.  It was pretty much life as normal with the exception that we are still under a Tropical Storm Watch.  The East Coast of Florida is experiencing some challenging weather yet ahead as Dorian moves up along the East Coast possibly heading towards our friends in the Carolinas.  We have had some rain today and moderate gusts of winds a high so far of 40 MPH.  Because a call had to be made late last week public schools are still out tomorrow.  Trinity Tots will resume tomorrow and life will get back to normal.

          Crafts with Linda and Julie will resume this Friday at 2:00PM in the Trinity Life Center!!

          While many took the day to do a variety of things I jumped at the opportunity to be in the church alone and at peace.  I spent last night and today developing a 6 week sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer.  We just finished a Series of sermons on “Dangerous Prayers” but this focuses our hearts and thoughts on the Lord’s prayer.  I did a series on the Lord’s pray in 2015, but this series is different from that one.  One of our Elders mentioned to me after church on Sunday that he thought a series on the Lord’s Prayer would be appropriate.  He mentioned that he has difficulty with the petition, “forgive us our sins as we forgive the sins of others.”  But we need to be reminded what the Lord’s Prayer is saying, who it is directed towards, and how we should view the prayer.  It is a prayer that we take for granted far too often. 

My sermon on the First Petition is attached. 

Bible Study begins at 8:30AM.  We will finish the video on the 23rd Psalm then begin am introduction to the Book of Revelation!! 

Thank you for all your prayers and concerns.  Hurricane season does not end until November and who knows what lies ahead if anything! 

See you Sunday! 

Pastor Norris